Plastic Grape Packing Bags

Description of Plastic Grape Packing Bags

Packaging fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most essential steps in the long and complicated journey from grower to consumer. Most fresh fruits are extremely perishable and easily spoiled if not given proper protection. A Plastic Grape Packing Bags provides essential packaging protection. These bags protect the grapes from outer sources of moisture, heat, odours and in some cases light. Plastic Grape Packing Bags also protects against the several hands and vehicles that produce passes through and ensures that no harmful bacteria or germs infect the grapes. We offer Plastic Grape Packing Bags in different shapes and sizes according to client’s requirements.

Specifications of Plastic Grape Packing Bags

Company Crystal Containers
Product name Plastic Grape Packing Bags
Category  Grape Bags
Laminate 2 ply / 3 ply
Width 100-500mm
Length 100-250mm
Gusset 60-120mm
Usage/Application To Pack & Transport Fruits / Grapes Conveniently And To Keep The Them Fresh
MOQ For Plain/Printed 10000 pcs / 50000 pcs
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    Features & Advantages of Plastic Grape Packing Bags

    • The use of properly designed Packing Bag for transporting grapes can considerably decrease their losses and preserve their freshness, succulence and quality for a longer period of time. 
    • Packing Bag preserves grapes which remain in good condition for a longer period of time which allows you to eat without any concern.
    • These types of packaging also offer protection from mechanical damage and unwanted physiological changes during storage procedure. 
    • Packing Bag is beneficial for a better shipping process because it provides extra protection and care for the packed product.

    Applications of Plastic Grape Packing Bags

    Plastic Grape Packing Bags are extensively used to pack & transport fruits / grapes conveniently and to keep the them fresh

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