Document Folder – Printed Milky Series (Back Folding)

Specifications of Document Folder – Printed Milky Series (Back Folding)


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    1. Sadafuli (DPF 1661) (0.16mm)
    2. Mathematical (DPF 1801) (0.18mm)
    3. Cycle (DPF 2201) (0.20mm)

    Features & Advantages of Document Folder – Printed Milky Series (Back Folding)

    • Multiple Compartments: The Document Folder typically comes with multiple compartments or pockets, allowing you to categorize and separate different types of documents. 
    • Sleek and Lightweight Design: The folder’s sleek and lightweight design makes it highly portable and easy to carry around. Whether you are attending meetings, conferences, or traveling, this folder can be your perfect companion, ensuring that your essential documents are always within reach.
    • Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted from premium materials, the Folder is built to withstand daily wear and tear. Its sturdy construction ensures that your documents remain safe and protected from external elements such as moisture, dust, or accidental spills.
    • Professional Appearance: With its clean and professional appearance, the Document Folder – Printed Milky Series (Back Folding) adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

    Applications of Document Folder – Printed Milky Series (Back Folding)

    • Office and Business Settings: In office and business settings, the Document folder becomes an essential tool for professionals to manage and organize documents related to clients, projects, or meetings.
    • Educational Institutions: For students and teachers, the Document Folder – Printed Milky Series (Back Folding) simplifies the task of organizing class notes, assignments, handouts, and other study materials. It allows students to keep track of their academic progress and facilitates easy retrieval of information during exams or presentations.
    • Travel and Conferences: When attending conferences, seminars, or business trips, the Document Folder ensures that all essential documents, such as travel itineraries, hotel reservations, meeting agendas, and presentation materials, are kept in one place for easy reference.
    • Personal Document Management: Even in our personal lives, the Document Folder proves to be beneficial. It helps in organizing important documents such as passports, insurance policies, bills, receipts, and other personal paperwork, reducing the chances of misplacing or losing them.