Custom Flexible Packaging


We can supply single layer plastic films as well as laminated high barrier films which satisfy your different packaging needs. Common Material Structures:

Two Layers laminated material structures:

  • PET / LLDPE (Transparent) NYLON / LLDPE (Strong package)
  • BOPP / LLDPE (Transparent) Matte BOPP / LLDPE (Opaque)

Three Layers laminated material structures:

  • BOPP/PET/LLDPE (Transparent)
  • PET/ALU/LLDPE (Aluminium)
  • Matte BOPP/ALU/LLDPE (Aluminium)
  • PET/VMPET/LLDPE (Metalized)
  • NYLON/VMPET/LLDPE (Metalized)
  • Matte BOPP/KRAFT/LLDPE (Kraft)


Depending on the anticipated use and image chosen, standard stand up and gusseted flexible pouches are normally 3-4 mil and up to 6 mil thick. Flat pouches are generally 2-5 mil thick.


Standard options for our stand up pouches, gusseted pouches and flat pouches include:

  • Spout – used for liquids such as oils, juices, soaps, sauces and others.
  • Zip closure – re-sealable feature enhances value to your pouch and extends product freshness.
  • Tear notch – added for easy opening.
  • Hang hole – added for dangling purposes.
  • Valves – applied onto pouch for degassing; allows air to outflow from a pouch containing coffee beans.
  • Tin Tie – added onto gusseted pouches for voluntary sealing purposes.
  • Window – allows a visual of your packaged product. Can be customized in any shape or size.
  • Surface printing – finish can be matte, glossy or a combination of both.


We offer 4-color procedure and a combination of 4-color procedure plus multiple spot colours up to 10 total colours. The number of colours will be determined by us based on authentic artwork.


Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies by style and size of the actual pouch. The MOQ has to do with the raw materials being used and every stage of production. The raw material MOQ is 6000 meters (in terms of film roll specs). Normally speaking, the larger the bag/pouch is, the lower the MOQ it is. For example, 8-12 oz. A coffee bag generally needs 30,000 bags.

If you are a start-up company and cannot afford to order at minimum quantity for custom printed flexible pouches, we offer numerous alternatives per further discussions.